So What Is a Virtual VIP Day?

A virtual VIP Day is a where you get 5 hours working with me 1:1

and I show you how you implement an optimized Pinterest marketing strategy through key areas to turn your account into your #1 traffic driver for your website


I have created The Pinterest Power Roadmap that is a simple 4 step by step system to cut through the confusion and time on marketing your business using Pinterest, 

so you can grow your email list and bring qualified leads through your sales funnel!



Here's How

Hi, I'm Claudia!



Helping online course creators jumpstart their Pinterest marketing without adding to their to-do list

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My Signature 4S Framework

Pinterest is a method of communicating

creative language which means 

"Keywords get you found and Graphics get you clicked"










Trying to do it yourself taking time and energy for weeks or months to implement and still feeling overwhelmed and lacking the know how to:


  • Where to start with developing a Pinterest strategy that works for YOUR business...

  • Following all strategies online that people tell you to do, creating new content and posting daily on all the social platforms...

  • Figuring out how to target the RIGHT audience on Pinterest...

  • Feel like you doing everything right on Pinterest, but you still not seeing the traffic you hoping for...

  • Trying to understand your Pinterest analytics and design click-worthy pins to rank higher to be discovered by your ideal audience so you can scale consistently...


Invest in a high value-priced service that has a proven step-by-step action roadmap created to help you easily implement with  CONFIDENCE so that...


  • When you check your analytics you see your traffic steadily increasing...

  • When you wake-up in the morning and realize your email list grew overnight...

  • Your are more confident in knowing your efforts work by learning how to be strategic, data-driven, and effective with your marketing — all while doing less...

  • You use Pinterest as it was intended — you’re pinning the right way and it only takes you 3-4 hours a month..

  • You turn Pinterest into an evergreen marketing machine that shares your content and markets your business for you...

When it comes to creating your

Pinterest Marketing Strategy there are 2 choices....


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Pinterest is a powerful marketing tool and is a VISUAL and DISCOVERY search engine. For this reason, Pinterest SEO is vital as SEO plays a massive role in how Pinterest users find your pins on the platform. Unlike Google where people search for what they already want, Pinterest users search to discover, to learn, to find new ways or enhance their life whether that be through DIY, or work from home or tips and ideas. As marketers, you go onto the Pinterest platform to be seen, to teach or give value to your audience and to be discovered by your ideal audience.   


The content you share on Pinterest is evergreen as long as it continues to get shared by your audience and by yourself. If you post on other social media platforms the lifespan of that post is maybe a day, a week at most. Then that post goes into the social media graveyard. But with Pinterest, your content will continue to get seen, shared and repurpose as long as you are setting up that content appropriately with the right keywords, right titles, descriptions and eye catching vertical graphics all SEO optimized along the lines of Pinterest's best practices.  Unlike Google you need to be an SEO expert to rank on their first page, but with Pinterest you get discovered on the home feed ranking much higher much faster as long as the main objective is that patience and consistency are key.

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For you to focus your business on Pinterest for Marketing

Why It's Smart...

Proof & Credibility Case Studies

that Pinterest works with the right strategy

Ready To Take Your Pinterest Marketing 

To The Next Level

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"With 5-10 new pieces of content created a month + 20 pins per day shared with their audience + 2-3 images created per piece of content"

100% own content

Susan T - Online Educator

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"With 1-2 new pieces of content created a month + 10 pins per day shared with their audience + 3 images created per piece of content"

100% own content

Tashia M - Online Educator

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