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Founder & Owner of Smart Simple Media

  Pinterest Marketing Strategist

In my life pre-entrepreneurship, I used to be an Incentive Specialist who helped elite corporate businesses boost sales, productivity, loyalty, and morale by rewarding top performers with a luxury trip getaway. Whilst planning, organizing and travelling these Sales Incentives for over two decades was glamourous; I was laid off from Covid and knew I had to try to generate some income myself and soon. 

A friend suggested that I look into virtual assistance so I googled it and realized I was actually already qualified to do this, I can actually make money from home with the skills I already have and that validation was all that I needed to keep going.  I was ready to build a life I wanted and take control of my families financial future while doing what I LOVE!  This is when I found love for Pinterest...

After much research, I decided to invest in coaching programs that would teach me everything about Pinterest Management & Marketing.  I volunteered free time to test my new found skills and this is when I found my expertise lied in creating, mapping and collaborating with my clients on their marketing strategy to help turn their pins into income, rather than setting up new accounts, create 30 bajillion Canva templates and pinning 50x a day on monthly retainers.

I knew that I enjoyed working with clients but I did not want my quality of work been decreased for clients because I have too many and feeling burnout because I needed them in order to make an income to support my family.  I was introduced to an industry leader that told me "people actually value your thoughts more than your actions - you just need to know how to serve clients through a virtual VIP Day!" 


This new business model to online service providers like myself literally saved me - DONE IN A DAY - switching to a virtual VIP DAY business model game me back the core of the freedom I was looking for CHOICE - choice to say yes to myself, my family and my life - AND yes to my clients that was defined, productive and crazy valuable serving with up excellence and efficiency that helped my clients through a transformation that resulted in quantifiable ROI...

So today I warrant as the most qualified investment to offer successful VIP Days for your business growth


Just Some Personal Facts About Me...

What is a Pinterest Marketing Strategist?

A niched online service based business that offers a service related to helping clients generate traffic, leads and sales through advanced Pinterest Marketing Strategies...


I show you how to be strategic, data-driven, and effective with your marketing 

all while doing less

As I look into the big picture of your business’ goals and how to use Pinterest to fulfill those goals.  I create a shell and structure for your Pinterest marketing strategy that is mapped out for you so that you can take action, jump right in and execute. 


My simple 4 step-by-step system will turn your Pinterest account into your

#1 traffic driver and an evergreen funnel-building machine 

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone who has not only mapped out

the right strategy, but also get it done in a day?

Did you say done in a day!

Ready to use Pinterest as a

Marketing Funnel for your business

Let me simplify it for you...

YOU + ME = 1 DAY


I only have 6 spots a month

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