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Hi, I'm Claudia, I help professional coaches, bloggers and course creators grow their online influence, increasing their web traffic and up-level their business with the right Marketing strategy using Pinterest.

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& graphics get you clicked"

Account Set-Up & Optimization

Ideally, this is for business owners that is new to both Pinterest + Tailwind and needs their accounts primed for growth
The business owners that need a revamping on their current accounts for a fully optimized profile that sends traffic to their website daily.

Pinterest Account Clean-Up

Ideally, this is for the business owner that has an existing Pinterest business account and needs professional help with applying Pinterest best practices for areas of improvement to move their business forward.

Account Audit & Review

Ideally, for the business owner that needs professional help with analyzing, reorganizing & restructure of both their existing Pinterest & Tailwind accounts in preparation for starting monthly management services.  Let me go over your accounts spotting areas for improvement to help move your business forward.

Organic Pinterest Management

Ideally, this is for the business owner that wants to completely hand over their management of their Pinterest account. 

The journey starts with an in-depth audit, from here, we customize your marketing strategy to create the best experience & results.  You can be confident your business is in good hands as I help grow your Pinterest online visibility & traffic.

Promoted Pins Management

Ideally, this is for the business owner that has maybe tried Promoted Pins before, or has zero paid ads background, and the idea of building an Ad campaign that converts is overwhelming, this is why I help you learn the different levels of your investment to grow your business with the right step for your Pinterest marketing strategy.

Addon Options

Ideally, this is for the creators that are publishing multiple times a week or daily.  We recommend pairing our account audit with your monthly management services.  Pinterest also favours more fresh pins for your content instead of re-pins and over the last year Pinterest has also made significant efforts to push video pins into the pinners home feed.  

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