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How to double your revenue without

doubling your marketing load...

I want to invite you to book a VIP Day Intensive

Let’s look at your Pinterest strategy and let’s create the shell or the structure for you,

so you can then go and implement it to start scaling your business

and triple your traffic within 90 days


  • You don't need help with a marketing strategy on how to market your business using Pinterest that works for you...

  • Total commit in trusting the process and work the process by keeping consistency to yield that long-term ROI in your business...

  • Investing in help that values convenience and efficiency in how to work smarter so you can get back to your zone of genius as CEO of your business... 

  • Know how to grow and scale your marketing funnel using Pinterest the right way so that you get off the content marketing treadmill..



  • You want simplicity, you want Pinterest to market your business for you and create a system that works and does this consistently that you can use again and again...

  • You just want to think about marketing less and are ready to invest to fast-track your business the right way...

  • You are tiered of throwing marketing tactics that does not  move the needle forward and you just want to know that your efforts work and you are not wasting your time...

  • Pinterest is changing as they continue to grow and you need help with new ideas, followed up by a resultable outcome...

How do you know if

VIP Strategy Day is right for you?

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Before our VIP Workday intensive you'll be given an in-depth questionnaire to complete which is vital to the success of our day together.  The set-up phase of the action roadmap shows how to master the basics of your Pinterest business foundation, optimizing your profile and correct set-up of Pinterest to work right with your website

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The search phase of the action roadmap on searching and research of keywords to use them strategically and how it works in the Pinterest Algorithm.  How to use the different tools that Pinterest has optimized for you to find the right keywords targeting your viewers to find your content and attract traffic to your website

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The schedule phase of the action roadmap shows you how to plan your Pinterest marketing way ahead so you are pinning the right content at the right time, how to create your own visual on-brand templates for click-worthy pins, how to repurpose your content in new ways for fresh pins so you are in line with Pinterest's best practices

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The scale phase of the action roadmap shows you how to spend just 3-4 hrs./pm scheduling your content, what analytics data is vital so you know what content is driving traffic, sign-ups, and sales.  A strategy creation to drive your tactics approach, deep dive into Analytics & Insights and the correct focus points to scale your marketing strategy 

Introducing the Process

After your workday

Go from where you are now to implementing a proven system to self market your business on Pinterest - you action the steps to get results, by putting your strategy in play to empower yourself as the expert to

fine tune with analytics on what works!


Pinterest Marketing & SEO Strategy

Limited spaces available. I only book 6 VIP Days per month

A single process designed to show you step-by-step how to implement your Business Foundations', correct set-up will turn opportunity into confident clarity.  It's the key areas of your Pinterest strategy that should be optimized to turn your account into your main revenue stream. The roadmap will take you through setting up a robust, optimized business foundation to implementing a consistent strategic plan to lead your tactics approach, all the way to scaling your business to drive qualified leads and traffic to your website, yielding long-term success with Pinterest. 


  • An existing Pinterest business account - brand new to data or just starting up 

  • Want to market their business to grow their web traffic and email subscribers 

So What's My Investment...

Pinterest Content Scheduler

ClickUp is a cloud-based collaboration and project management tool suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries. Features include communication, collaboration tools, task assignments, statuses, alerts and a task toolbar.


Are you In?

Are you ready let me show you how to work smarter with Pinterest by taking your schedule back without adding more  marketing to-do list?

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