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It takes only 1 day to change your life!

With years of experience in using multiple CRM software and tools and some that powerfully transformed my clients' day-to-day, I can guarantee that a CRM software suited to your business can enhance your client support.  I have an understanding of what makes a large business function well and tailored my strategy to fit the needs of small businesses so they can be more efficient, less time-consuming, and more profitable.


You’re not just going to have a workflow that gives you your time back; you’ll have a process that wows and turns clients into raving fans without spending hours in setup mode and keeping you from focusing on what you love & paid to do.

Imagine having your entire client journey – from hello to goodbye and beyond – on autopilot - I’m here to help you get more time and more money with your workflows so you can have the work-life balance you started your business for.


Dubsado VIP Intensive Days

Where you get a full day of me inside of your biz... perfect for mapping out your signature client process to help you organize your EMPIRE...

Its the new BUZZ & not the dirty word

If you have been working with clients and know your client process

If you want to be more organized, efficient and want to scale with your biz

If you ready to invest in partnering with me to systemize your empire

One of the best high-quality, robust, and professional client management solution tools is with Dubsado. In a Dubsado VIP Workday, you'll walk away with three Dubsado workflows to streamline your 'to-do list and relieve the day-to-day stress in your business. You will receive the full system setup for your business along with workflows for lead management, client onboarding, and client off-boarding.



We'll get started with a workflow mapping in-depth questionnaire so you can give me a peek inside the world of your biz.  Here you'll get the chance to brain dump all of the steps that make up your existing process and share all the details about how that journey can be broken down into automated workflows for your CRM platform. We'll look at the processes you already have in place and streamline it so it becomes an easy system for you to implement with multiple clients at a time. 



Now we'll virtually meet one-on-one to map out your dream workflow from inquiry to off-boarding.  Whilst mapping out your signature client process we will ensure your client experience is infused with: 

✓ A seamless inquiry & booking process 

✓ Easy consultation and appointment scheduling

✓ Sales follow-up process so no sales opportunities get lost

Project statuses to track where clients are in your process

✓ Automated off-boarding that produces raving referrals 



This is where all of the magic happens.  We'll combine everything that we mapped out together and I start setting up your account, create assets & workflows.  I create the workflows for lead management, client onboarding, and client offboarding.  You sit back and relax, or just go about usual business as I build in all the automation and design each form we mapped out in your workflow I may ask you clarifying questions and will need you to be available for that via chat messenger. 



Finally, we'll wrap up your Dubsado setup experience by testing the workflows we’ve made with a training session so you can ask questions and get clarity on your client process setup and how to use it.  A recording of your training call will be sent to you so that you can refer back to it at any time.  Our project will include 15 business days of post-project support as you use your new workflow and I will be on standby to answer any questions you have about your workflows in 24 business hours or less via email.  Love to send you answers with an accompanying loom video when you're lost so you can get your questions answered with complete clarity.

Who is this for?

Dubsado VIP Day Incentives are designed for

Professional Female Solopreneurs

Event & Wedding Planners

Web & Brand Designers


Social Media & Marketing

INVESTMENT:  Starts at $3000 

(Payment Plan available)

So what is included in my investment:


  • A Workflow Mapping Day to lay the framework of your workflow

  • 1 streamlined client process for 1 signature service mapped out inside Dubsado

  • Built-in automation for your process so it does the heavy lifting for you

  • Appointment scheduler set up for inquiry & appointment scheduling process -fully automated

  • Branding + design of your Dubsado forms, proposals, and questionnaires-gorgeously designed and on-brand

  • Email + Loom video updates during your process so you’re up to date on your set-up

  • 1:1 recorded training call for your questions about setup & learn how to use it! 



How soon can I schedule my VIP Workday with you?

You can schedule your VIP Day to happen within 1 month's time if my calendar is open. This allows you ample time to complete your pre-work questionnaire and time for me to get your pre-work ready.  


How many workflows can we work on?

My proven workflow success method is based on fully streamlining one signature service at a time.  This then maps out the very best experience for your clients and the very best workflow to fit your work style.  Trying to focus on building workflows for everything you offer all at once can cause you overwhelm.  If more than one workflow is needed, a separate day and pricing will be allotted.


What's the turnaround time or how long is your VIP Days?

The more complex your process the more features and content you will need to set-up.  The more features and content the more time is required.  This in general can take prep & planning taking up 4 weeks and actual set-up over 2 -3 days.

With a simple process in general the prep and planning take 3 - 4 weeks, depending on if you already have graphics, email templates and questions templates. I will provide you with “homework” to ensure that we have everything needed to proceed with the setup.  This Dubsado setup is only 1 day for me to complete.


How do I know if Dubsado is right for me before I invest?

During our FREE 15 minute chat we get to know one another, I take a peek under the hood of your business for where you want this vehicle to be steered in setting the right goals and confidence in using the right tools for your unique business.  You get to provide all your struggles and I provide the best recommendations that's right for you.


What if I have not used Dubsado and would like to learn it first?

Dubsado offers a great introductory course for free called Dubsado 101 and it will get you up and running with the basics in just 6 hours.  If you then have questions we can have a FREE 15 minute chat to discuss your options and what your next steps are.


What do I need before we start working together?

I will provide you with an “Assets list” of what you’ll need for the entire setup, but you’ll need your phrasing for the proposal, contract and questions.  I will be able to assist you with writing copy for your canned email templates if required.


Will I have access to you after the VIP Day and Do you cover Dubsado payments?

Of course! I will provide further support and training for 15 working days after our VIP Day and training session.  If help is needed after the 15 working days, I’m still available on a paid hourly basis.  

Because Dubsado payments are based on a consistent payment (annual or monthly), I do not cover Dubsado charges.  I do, however, have a discount code for Dubsado that you can use.


Can I cancel, reschedule or be refunded my VIP day?

As I only have 4 VIP Days per month they are non-refundable but you can request one free of charge reschedule All I ask is you reschedule your day no later than 72 hours before
your scheduled VIP Day or your day will be cancelled.